A Goodbye Never Said

I just found out you left….  That your precious soul left your body.  And I found myself crying like I haven’t had in a long time.  I found out through mutual friends.   I wish I could have rushed to your side and spend those last minutes with you.  I know you already had a […]

Rainbow Snippet 3/16/17

This #raibowsnippet comes from the second book of Uncommon bonds.  It focuses on Jonah and his boyfriend at the time, a Greek theater actor and director called Stavros Kapetanakis. _________________________________________________________________ -And you are still in your annoying quest of anglicizing me by making me drink tea. You are really not going to desist, are you? […]

Back Home

Dear home, I got forcibly separated from you.  Forcibly and against my will.  When I was in your streets, I used to feel happy, no matter what.  Whenever I went on vacation, you have been the only city I have been looking forward to return to.  I miss you very badly. When I got forced […]

WIPpet Wednesday

I am going back to the first book of Uncommon Bonds for this #WIPpet Wednesday.  This is the first scene I wrote of Liam and his first love, Martin Costigan. The WIPpet Wednesday mathematic of the day is 12 paragraphs.___________________________________________________________After a pause in which both men caressed each other, Martin said: -I hate that we have […]

Writing as a mask.

When I was a teenager, I wrote a lot of erotic poetry.  The subject of my erotic poetry were women.   Growing up in a homophobic culture like Venezuela was, at least in the 1990s, I lied to others and to myself saying that this was from the perspective of a man.  Of course, I […]

Rainbow Snippet of the Weekend

I am still drawing from the second book of Uncommon Bonds for this #RainbowSnippets. Today I am going to obey the rule of the snippets and only give you six sentences (I normally prefer to write six paragraphs, especially if they are primarily dialogue.   I am writing about Liam.  He already secretly came to […]

The Little Mermaid and Me

When I was growing up, I was fascinated by The Little Mermaid.  I am not talking about Disney’s version, but the original Hans Christian Andersen one.  In that one, the Mermaid did not get the prince.  The prince got the woman who thought that saved his life.  Her sisters gave their hair to the witch […]