WIPpet Wednesday

I am going back to the first book of Uncommon Bonds for this #WIPpet Wednesday.  This is the first scene I wrote of Liam and his first love, Martin Costigan.

The WIPpet Wednesday mathematic of the day is 12 paragraphs.
After a pause in which both men caressed each other, Martin said: -I hate that we have to confine ourselves here.  I feel like in that book I borrowed from you the other day; Giovanni’s Room. Four years now in this game.

-Well, what the hell can we do when we live in a society that condemns us for loving one another.  Just look at yourself, with a girlfriend you are showing up everywhere with while we just have to pretend we are close friends and classmates.  Luckily, Allison is my friend so she says nothing to the family.

-She does not agree with us though. – Martin replied.

-No, Martin.  It’s not that.  It’s that your cousin loves me very much, and she thinks you shouldn’t be torn between me and a mott, at risk of breaking me heart.  You can’t blame Allison for caring about me.

-Luckily her boyfriend is more supportive.- Martin climbed up to be on Liam’s torso. – He is close to you as well.

-As you know, they both have been my only friends since childhood.  I can’t blame Allison for wanting to protect me, but at the same time, I am glad Dave is quite supportive through all of this.  He calms her down. 

-Well, I am sure you are not happy with me having time for Niamh.- Martin stroke Liam’s clavicle with his hand

-I wish things would be different, yes.  But what we can do?  I have to share you.- Liam passed a hand over Martin’s head.

-Speaking of sharing, I have heard whispers at the University… And I am not sure how I feel about that.

-Whispers?- Liam asked intrigued.

-Gossip… That lately you are hanging out a lot with some English nobleman.

-And?- Liam raised an eyebrow.


If you like what you read and happen to be a writer, I recommend you to check other wonderful WIPpets and add your own.  Thanks to Emily Wittfor giving us writers this space!.


5 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

      1. He is Irish, as is Martin. The first book and part of the second in the series happen in Dublin. I concede that my characters will sound more English at times until I find a good Irish proofreader.

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