20 Days of Pride: Touch

When the softness of your skin rubs against mine, I tremble.

When my tongue tastes the Rose-like flavour of your nipples, the taste remains for a very long time.

And honey drips when you taste other parts of my body, while I feel tickles so intense that I scream.

I wished to feel ashamed of thinking of sex with angels, but you made me realize that there was nothing wrong with that.

Keep melting me with you.   I want to keep loving every single inch of your body.   Every caress, every kiss, every drop of sweat.

Come into my world. Warm me up at night.  Let nothing else matter anymore.

Let my bee extract flowers from your garden, so you can taste the honey off the honeycomb of my body.

Let me die a thousand times in your arms, with no other interference or judgement in the world.

Let’s cry each other’s names so the world knows about our pleasure or our love.


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