20 Days of Pride: A Reflection.

You know, sometimes I wonder if I am overdoing coming out.  This is pride month, and I am wearing a very discreet bisexual badge and my bisexual-flag headband.

I think it’s partly because I stopped caring what others thought and I am thankful to be in a city where I feel protected enough to do so.  So every June, I wear discrete pieces of my pride, even at work, and I have been out to some colleagues now.

For people who are more seasoned in being out, perhaps I am like a kid doing something too much, but it is important to me because I repressed it for a very long time. And somehow, now that I am threatened by an administration that seems intolerant to LGBTQ people, there is a bigger urgency.

I am also out because I reject my sexuality being about men.  Yes, I am bisexual, and I still like men, but just like my refusal to marry for the wrong reasons and looking for a partner just because I should, declaring my sexuality is telling the world that my existence is about me.  Of course, some people will say it is rationalizing because I am too lazy to be more attractive to men.  But my life is not about men.  I want to be with a man for the right reason of being in love with him, and I want to be with a woman for the same reason, not because I need to prove that I am queer.

And this is why I need to come out and stay out.


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