20 days of pride: Makeup for Yesterday.  Sunny summer days.

How can she appear into my life, interrupting my thoughts with your beautiful smile?

She makes me want to sing and dance.  

And she goes for a swim at the same sea I am at…  And when I see her body, I want to submerge myself in it.

I leave my life completely in her hands.  

I can’t contain myself anymore, and we seal everything with a kiss, until my hands touch her body, and her lips run through mine.

There you are revealing to me every secret or prophecy.  

Understanding things that were incomprehensible to me before.

You teach me a new language through touch through glances, your eyes, your smile.

Lover, I just want to revel in this moment today.  

Feeling more alive than ever.

Every morning I have woken up and gone through my balcony, or else serenading you in yours.

Please, take me in your arms.

Let this softness of yours be in my skin forever,

Like those beautiful, sunny summer days.  

Her body is like the vast sea we submerged each other in,

And her caresses are like every wave that was inviting us to each other.

Summer should be forever, with its solar warmth of hers.


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