WIPpet Wednesday June 14, 2017

For this #WIPpetWednesday, I am drawing from the very first draft of “Uncommon Bonds.” This I’ll go for the second book of the series. The WIP Math today is 17 paragraphs.
Here, Ian is an 18-year-old and Liam is 33.

Liam heard the sounds of his brother putting a videotape, as he transferred the tea from the kettle to the tea pot, and set the cups and pot in the tray. He brought the tray and sat by Ian’s side. The video Ian was watching had Joy carrying a one year old Ian. -Me mam says Declan filmed this.- Ian narrated. -They finally found the flat in which they wanted us to live and we were on our way out of the old one, you know. I remember nothing of this, of course, since I was only a year old. She was so young and healthy at the time, wasn’t she?- Ian sighed.
-And you were a chubby little toddler! That clumsy walk is adorable.
-I don’t think I was that chubby. I think the jacket was too big. – The redhead replied. – Which is strange, because Mammy had a lighter jacket.
-Your cheeks look chubby. You look too robust in the video to have merely puffy cheeks-  Liam chuckled while he saw Ian’s year-old self walking around the flat and then towards the corridor. There were more images of Joy and Ian; she trying to change his diapers.
-I am surprised you were so calm with the diapers, considering the handful you were as a teen. – The older brother chuckled again.
-Hey! – Ian frowned and softly hit his brother’s arm. -And there is Mam with the 1960’s stroller. I don’t know why she preferred those for me than the more modern ones. We look so anachronistic! And our Sperm Donor did not seem to care, since he was filming this too.
-It gives a 1960’s feel to the video, definitely. Declan managed to focus on you and your mother only. – Liam sipped his tea.
-You know Liam, sometimes I watch all these old videos or photos, and wonder what would it be like if things were different.- Ian commented knotting his hands and putting them behind his head as he reclined.
-How do you mean?- The older brother asked.
-What would happen if Declan would have accepted you despite of your desire for men, and made you met me mother and me when I was a baby?… And if me mother would acknowledge that she had a mental illness and needed help at that time?
-As for me, I would have loved you all the same, my boy. Just a little earlier. – Liam smiled at Ian.
-Okay, fine… But I don’t know, I sometimes wish I met you much earlier and there were not the misunderstandings that preceded our meeting… Declan’s contempt, your misdirected anger toward me, my fear of you…
-Ian, -Liam patted his brother in the shoulder- life is hardly perfect, it is. But I actually don’t wonder about the what ifs. As much as I regret once upon a time having those ill feelings towards you and your mother without knowing either of you, I am happy that things happened the way they did. I would not have them happen any other way.
-I sometimes do think that we did not have to go through that kind of pain. – Ian changed positions to sip his tea.
-We both know that pain will be in part of our lives, one way or another. Like it is happening now for example. There are things we wish didn’t happen in the past, and things we wish would not be happening in the present, but they are beyond our control.
-No shit, Einstein. – Ian smirked…
If you like what you read and happen to be a writer, I recommend you to check other wonderful WIPpets and add your own. Thanks to Emily Wittfor giving us writers this space!.


2 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday June 14, 2017

  1. I love these two. I like the way Ian processes this. I have those feeling too sometimes–what if things had been different at this stage or that? What then? Great snippet.

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