20 Days of Pride: Pride Snippet

This one is actually a new one.  I am trying to develop a story of a character that will be in the margins of the second book of my series, but will take center stage on my third.  Her name is Ritu Sawhney, who is a British Indian and Lesbian woman who is part of the family who befriended the McGarrigles when they moved to London.

This scene is going to be modified, but here it goes:

Ritu was seating down trying to process everything that was going on inside her.  She was never interested in boys, even though she tried to pretend but could not.  She remembered some of her female friends complaining to her that she has never talked about finding a man hot.

And she remembered her crush on Audrey.  And then on her neighbour Minal.  But she could not articulate it to herself until she went to a strip club in Manchester, while visiting her uncle Amit.  As the stripper danced with her, she could not deny things to herself anymore.  However, she continued to pretend that she was not interested in anything but friends and studying.  But until when?  She was already starting to date Jill, and did not want to keep it under wraps for long.

She remembered that her uncle’s wife left him and his children for a woman, and, while he was civil with gay and bisexual people, he for the most part resented them.  She wondered how their relationship would be affected, given he was her favourite uncle.  She also wondered about her widowed mother.  Granted, she knew Liam, the bisexual man from the Irish family that she and her family viewed as part of theirs.  She knew her mother even was on friendly terms with Nigel, Liam’s partner.  But will her mother just be as welcoming to her girlfriend as she was of Nigel?

She considered talking to Liam, but she needed to confide in someone in her family first.  She then thought Pritvi would be that person.  Granted, she was aware that Pritvi would confide in Ian first than she would, but she would be okay with that.  Ian was his best mate after all, and knew the joys and pains of having a sibling  that wasn’t straight.


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