20 Days of Pride Catch Up 2:  Excerpt for my future Project.

This is a future story that I was working on and I shelved when the President in the country I am living won.  I am planning to take it again in the future.

This involves two of my favourite characters, who are both bisexual.


Shane and Gabriel entered Gabriel’s house, and, as soon as they closed the door, they started kissing with various levels of intensity. Sometimes with a lot of intent, other times, very tenderly. Then both men put their foreheads together. 

-Are you sure that you are ready for this, Gabe? – Shane asked huskily.

-I just want to be with you, Shane. – Gabriel replied in a whispery voice. 

Then the two of them walked to Gabriel’s bedroom, and they kicked off their shoes and socks. For a while, all there was were kisses, and moments of silence, where violet and blue-grey eyes were gazing lovingly at each other.

Without breaking eye contact, Shane stood up on his knees, and took his shirt off, revealing his long torso. Gabriel was laying down, but he unbuttoned his shirt and then he got rid of it, revealing an equally long torso. Then Shane leaned on Gabriel’s skin and they started kissing, until they were completely naked, giving themselves, but with such tenderness giving leeway to the passion. Shane did and made Gabriel do things that, while he has done before, he never imagined that Shane would request them. When the two men finished, they smiled at each other again.

-I love you, my Gabe! – Shane said huskily.

-I love you too, my Shane.

The lovers kissed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

During the time asleep, people change positions and Gabriel and Oisin were no exception. The sun surprised the naked male bodies spooning, with Gabriel’s chest on Shane’s back. Gabriel reclined on his side, looking at Shane’s short chestnut hair and started seeing the uncovered torsos, Shane’s being as long as Gabriel’s. The darker-haired man started to pass some fingers on the other man’s torso, when he heard from his lover’s something that sounded between a chuckle and a giggle.

-What? – Gabriel asked in a fainting tone.

-You are tickling me, Gabe!- Shane replied still with his back at his lover’s.

-I am just measuring this beautiful torso of yours. It is as long as mine.
-That might be while we fitted perfectly when we did different sexual positions.

When Gabriel’s hand went up to Shane’s chest, the former felt the hand of the latter catching the former’s. The fairer-haired man then pulled Gabriel closer to him and started kissing his fingers. Shane would soon turn so he was lying on his back, until his eyes met Gabriel’s once more. He caressed Gabriel’s face, shoulder and nape of his neck.

-Gabriel… The name suits you.- Shane’s eyes curved into a smile.

-Why? – Gabriel asked, forearm and flank resting on Shane’s chest.

-Because it is the name of an angel.

-And you have the looks of one. – The darker-haired man caressed his lover’s top of the head, when the latter made him collapse on the chest, then making his lips meeting Gabriel’s. While kissing, the lovers turned and this time, it was Shane who was on top of Gabriel. When the kiss ended, Shane rested his head on Gabriel’s shoulder, while enjoying the sensations of Gabriel’s arms surrounding him, the dark-haired man’s hands caressing Shane’s hair.

-I want to stay like this for the rest of my life. – Gabriel felt Shane’s murmur in his chest.

-What do you mean like this? – He asked.
-In your arms forever, silly!- Shane laughed and then he gave Gabriel a kiss on his neck before resuming his position.
-No you wouldn’t. You would get bored of me as time passes.

-I will never get bored of you, my love.
-You don’t need to be corny, Shane. Just all that has happened from last night until this morning is enough.
-Enough?- Shane lifted his head once again and pouted.
-You are so adorable. – Gabriel giggled.
-I try. – Shane kissed Gabriel’s nose, and placed more kisses in his cheek and jaw until he arrived to his lips.

After surrendering to their passion once more, the two men reluctantly decided to get dressed.
-Will we meet tonight. – Gabriel asked looking at Shane.
-I will count every minute until that happens. – The faired headed man replied and then they both kissed before Shane left. Gabriel closed the door and sat down on the floor with his back at the door, sighing and smiling.

Meanwhile, Shane was walking towards the Blue line at Irving Park, also smiling. Although he generally was more attracted to women, he would have never imagine that he would feel this deep love for a man. But who cared? Man or woman, Gabriel was something else, and that was exactly what caught Shane’s heart.


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