On Interracial Relationship Representation

I loved “The Big Sick” but I think there should be more representation of interracial relationships among non-White people. 95% of the relationships I see in media that are interracial involve one white person.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Kala and Wolfgang (Sense8); Amanita and Nomi (Sense8) and I am even writing a few interracial relationships where one of the halves is white in my series (I might tweak a few couples, but I have to find a delicate balance with this, so it does not look forced). I also had mixed feelings when Luther’s Indian wife moved on from Luther with a white dude and he with a white woman (why not with people of their own race is beyond me). I want to see more representation like I have seen outside: I met a Chinese lady married to a Desi guy; another Desi guy married to a Brazilian woman, an Iranian woman with an African American one; one of my friends and an acquaintance from college are daughters of an Iranian father and a Venezuelan mother… Heck, I would give anything to see Priyanka Chopra and, say, Daniel Dae Kim or Idris Elba; or Pedro Pascal and Indira Varma in a modern film or series where they actually represent their races, or non-straight couples of mixed POC races. I don’t say we should stop with interracial relationship representation involving one white person, but seriously, that’s not all there is to interracial relationships.

Yes, it is easier to find this in books than in TV. But books are a start.    I just want to see it more in films and in TV series, because they exist and need more representation.  When I read books about why Indians in media are obsessed with white skin and why Latinx are obsessed with Anglo-Saxon heritage, I see the point.  And if you think that does not affect real life perception, the non-Latinx people I have dated have been seen with some resistance from family members and family friends.   Latinx apparently can date inter racially as long as the other person is Anglo-Saxon.  And while they would not ostracise us from our families, we met with stereotypes jokes about their culture and a lot of other questions.

So, not only there should be more positive representation of non-white/POC communities, but also of interracial relationships among POC as well.

PS: If you can recommend me media with two POC/Non-white people in interracial relationships, please let me know.  They can be straight or LGBTQ+ couples, but I would love to consume more media like that.


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