WIPpet Wednesday, But first Some Notes.

The first book of Uncommon Bonds is now entering in his editing and proofreading phase. I have some amazing readers and proofreaders, but I want to give a big shoutout to the encouraging Yasmin Koshnood, the sweet AM Leibowitz and the wonderful Debbie McGowan for either the encouragement, the great edits or both. I also […]

Bisexual Awareness Month Entry 2: The Single-Gender-Attracted Guide to Determine if Someone who Says is Attracted to Multiple Genders Means it

(DISCLAIMERS, because they are needed: 1) I know this is going to be a very controversial article, but my goal is to start a conversation about bisexual erasure and biphobia. 2) I am a bisexual myself, so the tone is obvious sarcasm with all I am saying here. I don’t condone or support any of […]

WIPpet Wednesday June 14, 2017

For this #WIPpetWednesday, I am drawing from the very first draft of “Uncommon Bonds.” This I’ll go for the second book of the series. The WIP Math today is 17 paragraphs.Here, Ian is an 18-year-old and Liam is 33._________________________________________________ Liam heard the sounds of his brother putting a videotape, as he transferred the tea from […]

20 Days of Pride: Touch

When the softness of your skin rubs against mine, I tremble. When my tongue tastes the Rose-like flavour of your nipples, the taste remains for a very long time. And honey drips when you taste other parts of my body, while I feel tickles so intense that I scream. I wished to feel ashamed of […]