20 Days of Pride: Touch

When the softness of your skin rubs against mine, I tremble. When my tongue tastes the Rose-like flavour of your nipples, the taste remains for a very long time. And honey drips when you taste other parts of my body, while I feel tickles so intense that I scream. I wished to feel ashamed of […]

WIPpet Wednesday

I am going back to the first book of Uncommon Bonds for this #WIPpet Wednesday.  This is the first scene I wrote of Liam and his first love, Martin Costigan. The WIPpet Wednesday mathematic of the day is 12 paragraphs. ___________________________________________________________ After a pause in which both men caressed each other, Martin said: -I hate that […]

Rainbow Snippet of the Weekend

I am still drawing from the second book of Uncommon Bonds for this #RainbowSnippets. Today I am going to obey the rule of the snippets and only give you six sentences (I normally prefer to write six paragraphs, especially if they are primarily dialogue.   I am writing about Liam.  He already secretly came to […]