Bisexual Awareness Month Entry 2: The Single-Gender-Attracted Guide to Determine if Someone who Says is Attracted to Multiple Genders Means it

(DISCLAIMERS, because they are needed: 1) I know this is going to be a very controversial article, but my goal is to start a conversation about bisexual erasure and biphobia. 2) I am a bisexual myself, so the tone is obvious sarcasm with all I am saying here. I don’t condone or support any of […]

Belonging Nowhere

Ran away from a place I was supposed to consider homeRan away to form yet another home,Perhaps I just wanted to live a comforting lie,And now I realise I belong nowhere. Was with people I considered my familyDefying all conventions of what I was supposed to be.Was uprooted once I showed my vulnerability.And now I […]

On Interracial Relationship Representation

I loved “The Big Sick” but I think there should be more representation of interracial relationships among non-White people. 95% of the relationships I see in media that are interracial involve one white person.Don’t get me wrong, I love Kala and Wolfgang (Sense8); Amanita and Nomi (Sense8) and I am even writing a few interracial […]

Rainbow Snippet July 1, 2017

This is from the first draft of Uncommon Bonds.  In that one, Jonah, Liam and Greg’s bisexual friend, was not yet a part of the characters until Liam moved to London, so there need to be modifications, including mentions of Jonah. Also *Spoilers ahead but important*  Greg would learn the error of his ways and […]