WIPPET Wednesday 1

I am working on my series “Uncommon Bonds,” which the story about the lives of two Irish brothers and the people who surround and love them. I am editing the first book, in which Ian, the youngest of the brothers, is still a child. Here, he is an adult with a girlfriend, which makes Liam […]

Paedophilia, Abuse and #MeToo

CW/TW: Paedophilia and Sexual Abuse mentions… I was reflecting about media I used to consume and how time helped me appreciate things in a different way. Sometimes reinstating views I had, sometimes horrifying me. For example; when I watched Hard Candy (the film about a teen torturing a paedophile, I was shocked to find out […]

WIPpet Wednesday, But first Some Notes.

The first book of Uncommon Bonds is now entering in his editing and proofreading phase. I have some amazing readers and proofreaders, but I want to give a big shoutout to the encouraging Yasmin Koshnood, the sweet AM Leibowitz and the wonderful Debbie McGowan for either the encouragement, the great edits or both. I also […]

On Autistic Representation and Polarization.

Let me start with this fact about me: I am autistic. Generally speaking, my autism is not severe in that I am capable to communicate and living on my own (despite my family initially attempting to undermine such attempts), so I stake my claim about autistic representation. Now, there is a representation that can polarise […]

Bi Visibility and Relationship with Family: When “Being Careful” means “Going Back to the Closet.”

Normally, I leave my Instagram account to photos of Chicago. However, this time I took a risk and I decided to make a collage to celebrate my bisexuality and wish bellow bisexuals a happy week. My mother unfortunately watches my Instagram account, and she immediately texted me about “being careful,” because I work in an […]

BiWeekDay2: Snippet

This is another WIPpet for Bi Week (I am going to try to write every day about this issue, but let us see if I mange to do this diligently. A friend and fellow writer was talking about how they felt about the “gay for you” trope. So although this is not exactly about that […]