20 Days of Pride: A Reflection.

You know, sometimes I wonder if I am overdoing coming out.  This is pride month, and I am wearing a very discreet bisexual badge and my bisexual-flag headband. I think it’s partly because I stopped caring what others thought and I am thankful to be in a city where I feel protected enough to do […]

20 Days of Pride: Touch

When the softness of your skin rubs against mine, I tremble. When my tongue tastes the Rose-like flavour of your nipples, the taste remains for a very long time. And honey drips when you taste other parts of my body, while I feel tickles so intense that I scream. I wished to feel ashamed of […]

The Morning After.

The daylight broke into the bedroom she and I were occupying together.  Last night, was wonderful and we made love until we got exhausted and fell asleep in each other’s arms.  That partially cloudy morning, I woke up alone and she was not by my side. However, I saw her facing the open window, and […]