My Bisexual Struggle Week Part 1

(WARNINGS: Long discussion and cross-posting) (DISCLAIMER: Even though it is in quotation marks, this is a paraphrase. Also,I am putting the positive parts of the conversation because I need to be fair). “You know that I want you to be happy with a partner. Regardless of the gender, if they make you happy that’s all […]


Because… Brotherly love in harsh times is lovely! 14 paragraphs this time. ______________________________________________________ There was a moment of silence. Liam, for a while, was eating slowly and not talking, but he observed that his brother was just looking at his plate and playing with his food. “Ian, you’ve barely touched yer food.” Liam said. “I’m […]

WIPPET Wednesday 1

I am working on my series “Uncommon Bonds,” which the story about the lives of two Irish brothers and the people who surround and love them. I am editing the first book, in which Ian, the youngest of the brothers, is still a child. Here, he is an adult with a girlfriend, which makes Liam […]

Paedophilia, Abuse and #MeToo

CW/TW: Paedophilia and Sexual Abuse mentions… I was reflecting about media I used to consume and how time helped me appreciate things in a different way. Sometimes reinstating views I had, sometimes horrifying me. For example; when I watched Hard Candy (the film about a teen torturing a paedophile, I was shocked to find out […]