Belonging Nowhere

Ran away from a place I was supposed to consider homeRan away to form yet another home,Perhaps I just wanted to live a comforting lie,And now I realise I belong nowhere. Was with people I considered my familyDefying all conventions of what I was supposed to be.Was uprooted once I showed my vulnerability.And now I […]

On Interracial Relationship Representation

I loved “The Big Sick” but I think there should be more representation of interracial relationships among non-White people. 95% of the relationships I see in media that are interracial involve 1 white person. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kala and Wolfgang (Sense8); Amanita and Nomi (Sense8) and I am even writing a few […]

Rainbow Snippet July 1, 2017

This is from the first draft of Uncommon Bonds.  In that one, Jonah, Liam and Greg’s bisexual friend, was not yet a part of the characters until Liam moved to London, so there need to be modifications, including mentions of Jonah. Also *Spoilers ahead but important*  Greg would learn the error of his ways and […]

Days of Pride: A Letter to My Mother

Querida Mama: Yesterday, we had a conversation on the phone, and you told me that some friends (it wasn’t clear to me whether they were from Venezuela) talked to my grandmother (this raised the red flag of bullshit) so she would talk to you and you would talk to me, because I was talking too […]